Two Simple (and Undervalued) Steps to Success

Achieving any goal truly comes down to two simple practices. Yet more often than not, these two steps are overlooked and undervalued. How could two easily implemented strategies be ignored? It’s because they bring out the truth in your priorities and seem too easy to actually work.

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Two Simple Strategies

The key to successfully achieving any goal is implementing consistent habits and measuring progress. Consistent habits allow you to achieve a sustainable rate of change, while freeing up brain space for bigger challenges. And measuring progress allows you to compile real time data about where you are and where you would like to be. What do these practices look like in real life? I’m so glad you asked!


Building Consistent Habits

Habits are the easiest way to implement change. In order to be successful, habits must be small, physical acts that follow the same pattern every time. They should be so simple there is no reason to say no. The most important aspect about implementing a new habit is that it should be done every single day. Yes, you heard me correctly – every single day. It should be easy enough that you could practice it once a day. Once that habit become routine, you will have implemented sustainable change and made brain space for bigger projects.


Measuring Progress

While many people can jump on board with implementing new habits, most will resist the idea of measuring their progress. Measuring progress accesses the true feelings behind change and commitment. Many people will avoid measuring their progress and blindly follow a general direction (often dictated by something they found on the internet), hoping that long term change lands in their lap. When you measure your progress you commit yourself to the process instead of the outcome. This could look like logging your food, weighing in weekly, or submitting progress updates on a project at the office. In addition, when you measure progress you are also forced to be honest with your choices and the result they have on your goals. True change only comes with honest progress.


The ultimate question is: How badly do you want to achieve your goals?  If you truly want to implement change and see results from your actions, you will need to practice consistent habits and measure your progress. Dream big and act small. It’s really that simple!


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