Setting Strong Goals

It’s that time of year again, everyone is looking forward to a fresh start. I personally love chatting with friends about setting goals, making changes and starting fresh. There’s a great feeling of endless possibilities and freedom that comes with starting a new. But the reality of the hard work and determination required to achieve goal success is always looming in background.

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So what is the key to actually achieving your goals this year? Let’s break down those principles so that you can set strong, achievable goals and take the new year by storm.

Setting Strong Goals

1) The Right Mindset

A fixed mindset is the belief that our basic qualities, like intelligence or talent, are simply fixed traits. In contrast, a growth mindset is the belief that we can improve and grow. Studies on praise show that telling children they are smart encourages a fixed mindset, whereas praising hard work and effort cultivates a growth mindset. In addition, placing ourselves in uncomfortable situations increase our comfort range and tolerance for that which is uncomfortable. What mindset will you choose?

2) Goal Rightsizing

A goal is a desired result that a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve; specifically a personal or organizational desired end-point. Ultimately, choosing the right goal is half the battle, as properly sized goals will go a long way in facilitating success. Goals should be measurable, partially obtainable at your current state, and exceptionally motivating. Keep these in mind as you choose the right goal.

3) Building Excuse-Free Habits

Pick one thing to start with, preferably something small. Determine a frequency for your new habit, at no less than multiple times per week. Finally, and most importantly, remove all excuses. If you have properly chosen your mindset and rightsized your goal, then there is room for flexibility in your schedule and ultimately no reason for excuses. However, if something truly disruptive prevents you from completing your new habit, do not give up. Simply jump back in the saddle and continue riding, without guilt.


Goal Inspiration

What is my goal for the new year? I’m so glad you asked! This year my goal is to meditate every single day. My standard of measurement will be a minimum of 1 consecutive minute every calendar day. For me, meditation can include a formal practice, breathing exercises, yoga, or any form of mental practice that is void of outside stimulation. I plan to track this in my Bullet Journal with a “Calendex” style tracker.

Now, what’s your goal?


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