Self-Care is the Key to Productivity

Self-care has been linked with increased productivity on many an occasion. Why is that? Because taking care of yourself gives you more energy, brain space and emotional capacity to focus on what needs to be done. The internet is filled with articles on what the most productive people do each day. These articles recommend implementing systems for personal productivity and regular self-care.


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What is self-care really about? Let’s break it down.

Stress [and Mood] Management

Studies have shown that the mood in which you start your day very much impacts your mood throughout the rest of the day. Even more importantly, your mood at the beginning of the day impacts your performance throughout the rest of the day. This is a great example of misery loves company! I like to call this effect “piling lemons.” Just because you have one lemon sitting on the counter, doesn’t mean you need to find 10 more and stack them on top of each other. The reverse works the same way. In the aforementioned study, individuals who started off the day in a good mood felt better about themselves and their performance throughout the day. Maybe it’s time to make some lemonade…

Communication and Social Support

It’s hard to remember to change your mood or take control of your tasks. Often we fall into a continuous cycle of stress and chaos. Eliciting social support to keep you on track is incredibly important. Find that person in your life who can gently bring you back to reality when you’re down that deep dark hole and ask them to keep and eye out for you. Remember though, that you must keep open lines of communication with others to make this work. Don’t let your perception of the issue cloud your ultimate goal.

Control and the Perception of Control

Use your productivity system to assess what is really important. Why do you continue to do that task? Is it important to your overall goals? If not, it’s time for it to go. Not only will this free up your actual workload, but it will give you the perception of additional control of your daily tasks.

As you read through this post, did you take note at how often “perception” was mentioned? Much of what we stress about is not the actual problem or task, but our perceptions we attribute to the issue. We have the opportunity to change the way we feel and react to almost everything. Use this to your advantage!


“Okay”, you say – you get it! But how do you get started with self-care? Put a system in place. A routine or daily checklist. Start small and keep at it. The effects are cumulative and before you know it, you’ll be feeling better and taking the world by storm.


Do you need help implementing a system? Let’s get started!