Session #7: Building a Daily Routine


Habit Check In

Each week we will check in on the daily habit you have set for yourself. As you explore this new habit, you might come up with new ways that the habit my be more meaningful. Would practicing the habit at a different time of the day be more productive? Or could you using your habit to jump start another change? Explore your experience with this habit and see how you can improve upon it.


Why We Need Routine

I’d like to explore how preparation can be one of the most successful habits you implement. Specifically, your daily routine is going to be the center of your preparation. The more you build a consistent routine, the most successful you will be in your endeavors.

A routine is defined by a sequence of actions that is consistently followed. The focus here is on consistency. You may do a sequence, but until it happens consistently (almost daily) it isn’t necessarily a routine. The biggest reason we build routines is that they are an easy way to save time and energy.

 We think we hate discipline. But the truth is, we all need it. And ironically, it is discipline that create freedom.

There are three ways that routines benefit us. Your routine habits save brain space, by freeing up our mind to make important decisions. Your routine tasks save time and allow you to quickly move the everything you need to get done in a day. And your routine attitude allows you save a mental energy to share in the every day joys.


Building a Daily Routine

This week you will build your own daily routine through the Building a Daily Routine activity.

In order to build a daily routine, start from a firm time. Usually that is the time you need to be at work. From there, work backwards and allow yourself enough time to complete each task. Be sure to build in buffers! Finally, identify what your energy levels will be at each step of the routine. Do you have extra energy for the extra task in the morning? Or should that be best left for the evening? This will ensure your success in your routine.

You can find this activity here.


Action Step

  • Practice the Building a Daily Routine activity
  • Complete and track your habit for the next 7 days