Session #6: Identifying Core Values


Habit Check In

Each week we will check in on the daily habit you have set for yourself. As you explore this new habit, you might come up with new ways that the habit my be more meaningful. Would practicing the habit at a different time of the day be more productive? Or could you using your habit to jump start another change? Explore your experience with this habit and see how you can improve upon it.


Core Values

We have spent a fair amount of time exploring awareness, but now we are going to go back to purpose to help define where you are spending your time. Core values are the fundamental beliefs that define a person. These guiding principles dictate behavior and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong. Core values can also help individuals to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their goals. They do this by creating an unwavering guide to where they should be spending their time and energy.

Whether you acknowledge it or not, your core values are defined by where you spend your time most. Ask yourself, “what three activities make up most of my time?” It’s important to acknowledge what your life is truly built on. Then ask yourself, “do these activities reflect my core values?”

 What are the three activities where you spend most of your time?

Do these activities reflect your core values?

Most likely, there is at least one activity in there that doesn’t necessary represent your core values. Is it work? It it social media or watching TV? The key is not to focus on what you are doing that doesn’t fit. It is to gather that information and determine where you do want to be spending your time. The idea of core values is to identify 3 values to define what you want your life to be build on.

 Live a life by your core values

The goal will be to explore your core values in daily life, modify if needed – and then create trackable items to help you build those habits



Identifying Core Values

This week you will build your own core values through the Identifying Core Values activity.

Set aside 20-30 minutes to work through your core values using the steps below. Allow yourself time to process and think deeply, and be sure to write them down! Remember that your values may adjust and develop over time just as you do. They do not need to be perfect, they need to be representative of where you are right now.

These steps will walk you through the process of definition your own core values.

  • Review your greatest accomplishments
  • Review your greatest failures
  • Build advice for yourself based on the previous two steps
  • Pair down your advice into one word statements
  • Test out your values by identifying any pitfalls
  • See how these value are reflected in your daily activities

You can find this activity here.


Action Step

  • Practice the Identifying Core Values activity
  • Complete and track your habit for the next 7 days