Session #5: Sabotage


Habit Check In

Each week we will check in on the daily habit you have set for yourself. What positive experience have you had with your habit this week?



This week our focus is moving to the habit of grit. Now is the time in which sabotage sets in – a few weeks  into your work. That’s about how long it takes for the initial motivation to wear off, along with the external motivation you might be getting from our meetings.

There are three common scenarios for why you choose to do just the opposite of what you have set out to accomplish. Here are we we see most often:

Something else always seems more important

Desiring acceptance

I’ve been good, I deserve a little extra

Do any of these sound familiar? Of course they do, we all do it! These are the spots where to transformation happens, so it’s important to pay attention. Sabotage typically comes from two places – others who feel threatened by our changes or ourselves feeling threatened by our own changes. The key to this is to take 100% responsibility for our actions, and the result of those actions. That can feel really heavy – but it can also be realty empowering. You are in full control!

Think for moment, can identify a situation where sabotage has crept in? It’s important that we thank the part of ourselves that has been sabotage our goals as a way of protecting ourselves. Imagine that some part of you was put on the job to make sure that you felt safe and that you belonged. Now connect with that part of you inside that has been afraid to change, and gently explain to that part of you that there are some exciting new developments happening.

It is for common sabotage early on to shows up as fear of changing – especially a fear that we’ll grow apart from people we love. Later on sabotage shows up when everything starts to feel a little “too good.” Ask yourself, “what are all the ‘good’ reasons for getting what you want?” And then ask yourself, “what are some of the reasons you might be holding yourself back?” It’s important that we acknowledge the positive intentions those old habits hold.


Seeing Sabotage

This week I would like you take the time to think about sabotage and connect with the possible scenarios:

  • Something else always seems more important
  • Desiring acceptance
  • I’ve been good, I deserve a little extra

Is there a time or place where sabotage creeps in? Or maybe there are indicators of that sabotage is on the horizon? Spend some time exploring these ideas.


Action Step

  • Practice Seeing Sabotage
  • Complete and track your habit for the next 7 days