It’s Not the Work, but the Re-Work

Family Lemonade Stand has grown immensely as a business over the past two years, and so I have I. Lessons of passion, balance and commitment have been ever present as I have weaved my way through this amazing journey.  Throughout this process I have come to learn one important lesson: It’s not the work, but the re-work that matters. The opportunity to learn through continued pursuit makes the biggest impact – for yourself and the people you touch.

As a part of re-working all aspects of my life, Family Lemonade Stand has transformed into a safe haven for behavior change. While initially my focus was on organization and productivity, the need for implementing strategies for a healthy lifestyle is ever present. As such, I’m thrilled to announce a more intentional path for Family Lemonade Stand!

Family Lemonade Stand will now specialize in Health and Productivity Coaching. What does this mean for you? It means guided programs for optimal growth in health, life and productivity. It means additional seminars to share and learn new ideas with new people. But most importantly, it means that the opportunities for growth and improvement have no limitations. Any and all challenges are welcome!

Interested in our coaching programs? Let’s schedule a strategy session today!