Productivity Seminars

Family Lemonade Stand offers multi-family Productivity Seminars appropriate for family members of all ages. These seminars will include interactive, educational information on how to assess organizational needs, set productivity goals and simply move forward. Attendees will even make their own lemonade! Seminars can be arranged through schools, organizations or community groups. Each seminar is customizable to the group in attendance and all family members are encouraged to attend.

These seminars are appropriate for families feeling disorganized and unsure where to start their organizational journey.

Organizational Coaching

Organization Coaching is an individualized service for you or your family. These sessions will focus on your specific organizing goals and needs in the setting of your home or office. Session content could range from an organized family meeting for family goal setting to cleaning out your home office. You set the agenda!

These sessions are most appropriate for individuals who have a specific goal in mind and are motivated to complete that goal in a short time frame.

Organizational Coaching sessions are offered at 3 hours for $130 or $50 per hour if not purchased in 3 hour blocks. There is a one hour minimum for all projects. Consultations are always free and services are currently offered throughout the Treasure Valley, ID.

Lemons to Aid {Blog}

Lemons to Aid is a blog filled with productivity and organizational resources offered to help you find inspiration and motivation to start your journey.

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