How a Professional Organizer Can Help

Your overwhelming garage, sky high storage unit or that pile of bills – this are what people most often think about when they hear the term “Professional Organizing.” But there are some additional areas that a Professional Organizer can help you with. And these topics have just as big of an impact on your ability to keep your space, time and mind organized. This guide will give you an idea of what to expect in your time with a Professional Organizer.



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Reduce Physical and Digital Clutter

This is the classic understanding of Professional Organizing: Clean rooms, organized cubbies and streamlined possessions. You should expect your Professional Organizer to help you sort through the physical items, purge the unwanted, and find an appropriate way to store the saved items. It is important that you talk about successful ways of storing items for continued use in the future, as well as ways of limiting the purchase of excess. The same principle applies to digital clutter. Files, folders and digital bulk can be organized in a similar fashion. Although, often these fall under the category of setting up appropriate systems for digital success.

Implement Strategies for Success

Physical items are usually a symptom of disorganization further up the chain. When time management become difficult or organizational systems fail, the result is usually physical clutter – and mental fatigue. One of the basic principles of Professional Organizing is to help the client implement simple strategies that encourage regular attention to organizing principles. For instance, setting up a system for meal planning, scheduling a weekly family meeting, or finding the right app to store your to do list. These are the foundation for “Organizational Coaching” – a service that coaches you through the process side-by-side.

Process Mental and Emotional Clutter

The process of purging items, or discussing failed systems, can be an emotional process for many. You should expect that your Professional Organizer knows the basics of walking a client through the process of letting go of physical items, while keeping those memories in tact. This may also bring up unexpected emotions and barriers. Working through these challenges will be an important piece of your organizational success. Feel free to ask for additional supports, such as recommendations for a counselor, support group or community resources to aid this process.

Provide External Motivation

Lastly, a Professional Organizer should be the cheerleader that encourages you to get started and keep going. Many clients are paralyzed by the thought of getting started or they feel overwhelmed by the idea of productivity. A Professional Organizer is there to offer a new point of view to the situation, identify steps to problem solving, and walk you through the process. A Professional Organizer will also encourage you when the process becomes difficult and offer creative solutions that fit your needs. Most importantly, a Professional Organizer will understand how unfamiliar this process is and be there for support.


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