When Productivity is Too Overwhelming

It’s 8:00pm and you’re looking at the long list of tasks you didn’t get done today. Frustrating, isn’t it? Sometimes an unproductive day is a sign of the need to refocus. Use this as a learning opportunity!

Photo Credit: http://pixabay.com/

Photo Credit: http://pixabay.com/

Change Your Perspective

Rewrite your to-do list at the end of the day. Check off all the wonderful things you did and move the things you still need to do to tomorrow’s list. Review those items and decide if some of them could wait until another day. Spacing out your tasks will help you feel more productive.

Reflect on the Day

Answer a few questions to help you refocus:

1. What did I accomplish today that I feel good about?
2. How did I help someone today?
3. What did I learn today?
4. What could I do differently tomorrow?

Remember Your Priorities

When life is feeling overwhelming, that is the best time to sit down and re-evaluate your priorities. Identify your top 3 priorities – the very most important things to you in life. Some of these might be “family,” “travel” or “success in my career.” Now look back to your list of things left unaccomplished today and identify how those tasks relate to your priorities. If they do not relate, why they on your list? Identify the tasks that don’t fit and cross them off your list.

Stop While You’re Ahead

When you’ve reach a stopping point — go home! End the day on a high note, celebrating and acknowledging what you’ve done, who you’ve helped, and what you’ve learned.


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