It’s About More than the Stuff

Progress is about acknowledging that what is standing in your way is more than just “stuff.”


I had a very wise organizing client say recently, “it’s about more than just the stuff.” This couldn’t be more true. So often organizing sessions are really about processing all the meaning behind the items and less about the actual organizing. It’s about picking up that item, experiencing the memory, and sharing the emotion behind it all. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to process the emotions that are tied to our physical possessions, it’s then that we are able to release the item without feeling like we have thrown away the memories. For some of us, this can be deeply complicated. And for others this simply requires the act of diving headfirst into our “stuff” and leaning on another to help us continue to move forward.

When working with others on an organizing project, I try to remind them (and myself) that the ultimate goal is progress. While overall the goal may be the sell your home, clear out a room for an upcoming guest, or sell off items you no longer need – those goals will never become a reality without progress. If the middle steps of your plan are proving to be a little more daunting than you had anticipated, then now is the time to reset your expectations. When I remind clients that the goal is progress, I often hear them say “but it’s not enough.” What I hear in that moment is actually “I’M not enough.” Remember, you are enough and progress is enough for you.

If this topic speaks to you, Brené Brown is a wonderful researcher who’s life mission is to explore this topic. She discusses the ins and outs of shame, self worth and the continued journey of progress through her book Rising Strong. When you’re ready to process those items in your home and discuss options for progress, contact me at Family Lemonade Stand to schedule an appointment. I’m ready when you are!


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