Decluttering Your Digital Life

If you struggle with organization, your digital files can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! Try these apps and articles for organizing your digital life before it takes control of you.



This application is about as easy as they come. accesses your email inbox, gathers all those junk emails and sends you a daily condensed version! You can easily unsubscribe from emails with one click of a button. What isn’t there to like?



Last Pass

Tired of attempting to remember all your passwords? Last Pass is a application that allows you to set your “Last Password” and it will remember all the rest. No need to keep track of those logins anymore!

[Basic Version: Free // Premium Version: $12/year]



When you have multiple electronic devices, it’s hard to remember what device your files are located on. Dropbox solves this problem in a jiffy! Automatically sync the files between all your devices.

[Basic Version: Free // Pro Version: $9.99/month]


Back Up Your Electronics!

We cannot stress this step enough! Almost every frustration regarding digital files is a result of not backing up your electronics. Every electronic has a way to be backed up and we promise, it’s worth the time! Your phone, tablet and media player can be backed up to your computer and your computer can be backed up to an external hard drive. Remember, it’s not IF your electronic will crash or die, it’s WHEN.

You can find external hard drives as cheap as $50 or as expensive as a couple of hundred dollars. These can be purchased at a local electronic store and there is always the option to chat with an associate about what device fits your needs. They are worth the money!  If you are willing to invest in your electronics, you need to invest in backing up the files you create on those devices. Lifehacker has a great article explaining how to back up your computer to an external hard drive.


Organize Your Digital Files

We recommend starting small, so you don’t get too overwhelmed. Decide what is your highest priority and focus only on that task. Are you photos out of control? Or your work documents? Start there. Decide on the large categories and make those folders, creating sub folders as you go. Remember not to make too many folders or you’ll be overwhelmed searching for that file in the future. And don’t feel guilty about removing old, unused files. You already backed up those files, remember?

If you’re looking for some more in depth discussion on how to organize your computer, try these articles.

How to Easily Clean and Organize your Digital Files by Apartment Therapy

Geek to Live: Organizing “My Documents” by Lifehacker

How to Design and Create a Clean, Organized Desktop by Lifehacker


Do you have other resources that should be added to this list? Let us know!