Family Lemonade Stand

Family Lemonade Stand is designed inspire individuals to cultivate a zest for life, health and productivity through habits. We offer functional coaching with a focus on building habits to transform health and productivity. Family Lemonade Stand has grown organically out of a passion for assisting others access the benefits of habits and productivity as a daily staple in a healthy lifestyle. It is a educational program, a coaching service and a hub for resources centered on living a healthy life.


Behind the Lemons

Emily Hopkins is the Chief Lemonade Officer behind Family Lemonade Stand. Since adolescence she has had a passion for helping others reach for the stars (in an organized fashion of course!).

Emily has a Master’s degree from Washington State University in Human Development. In addition, she is a Certified Health Coach and holds a CrossFit L-1 certificate.

The past few years, Emily has worked in program management and health & fitness services. She is dedicated to providing quality customer service at MarkMonitor, where she is currently a Client Services Manager. You can also find her coaching and training at Arbor CrossFit in Boise, ID.

Family Lemonade Stand is a perfect intersection between Emily’s passion for the helping profession and her appetite for habits and productivity!