The 5 Barriers Preventing You From Starting

There are five general barriers that prevent people from getting started with their journey, of any sort. This is true for a fitness transformation, cleaning out your basement or starting your own business. Each journey comes with it’s own set of scary barriers to overcome, but ultimately they boil down to these five categories. Let’s call them out and find some solutions!

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1) I don’t know where to start

The great part is that you can start anywhere. The the size of the initial step doesn’t matter. So pick one small task that you feel confident doing, and start there. It could be as small as putting away a few items or calling a friend to ask for help. Do one small task each day until you have the momentum to tackle bigger tasks. Suddenly, you’ll be tackling the bigger stuff without even realizing it!


2) I don’t know how to do it

This barrier is similar to not knowing where to start. You don’t have to know how to do the big projects to start them. Simply start with one small task that you do know how to do and gain momentum from there. When you come across a problem you don’t know how to solve, ask a friend or search the solution on the internet. We promise you’re not the only one to get stuck!


3) I don’t have the time

Time is one of the most valuable commodities we have. In order to get some of your time back, you’ll need to put in a little time up front. Like the other barriers, start small. Set aside 5 minutes a day (or even a couple times a week) to prioritize your goals. Be sure to pick sustainable goals and tasks. For instance, if you feel overwhelmed with setting aside 30 minutes a day to clean the house, then start smaller! Remember that your goal for the long term is to free up time through continual progress every day. Keep that in mind when you’re feeling short on time.


4) I don’t have the support

Not having the support from your family or friends can really be a show stopper. Just remember that they may be as overwhelmed by the thought of all this work as you are. To overcome this, start small and focus on your goals. You can start your own journey and show them the awesome progress along the way. And they will always appreciate you having extra free time to spend with them! Remember, start slow.


5) I’m afraid of change

Change is really scary. However, it’s not the change that you’re truly afraid of. It is the thought of potential risks and failures that come hand in hand with change. What if you succeed? What if you take those challenges and give it your all? Growth and progress is always hard, but the opportunities are endless when you’re looking forward. That first step could be the first step of the rest of your life!


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